How Printers Can Get a Piece of the Seasonal Pie

The holiday season provides a range of opportunities for print and signage work and business growth

The holiday season has, and always will be, a hugely important time of the year for print, graphics, and sign companies, with the festive season providing a whole range of opportunities for work and business growth.

From working alongside leading brands to promote their festive offers and top products through eye-catching graphics, to producing signage for the hugely popular Black Friday shopping day or Christmas markets that are set to return across the globe this year, seasonal-related work comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

And while seasonal graphics present a huge opportunity for any retailer or customer in the hospitality, entertainment, and retail sectors, these graphics applications are typically planned well in advance and offer print service providers the chance to offer a wide variety of solutions.

But when it comes to Christmas, or indeed any other seasonal promotional graphics, it is critically important to remember the fact that the solutions need to be short-term, easy to apply, and easy to remove, as well as fit in with traditional branded longer-term graphics.

Applications of this kind are primarily used to maximize customer engagement — whether that is a brand seeking to connect with consumers about special offers on products, or a retailer creating a festive window display to try and entice shoppers inside the store.

For this reason, windows, walls, and floors are all ideal places to position short-term graphics and offer prime locations for brand awareness and seasonal messaging.

Then there is the consideration as to how you will make these graphics pop and grab the attention of consumers among a sea of festive promotions. Much of this will come down to the type of printer you are using to create the graphics, as well as the material you are using.

With the development of printers that now incorporate white inks, print service providers (PSPs) can use a wide range of clear materials. In addition, cost-effective double-sided graphics can be created with relative ease.

Then there are the advancements in adhesive technology; there are now more products that are very easy to apply and do not require professional installers. These graphics can be fitted by the employees working at a store or restaurant simply and quickly, removing additional requirements for specialist installation and making the whole process easier for everyone involved.

As such, PSPs can quickly create and deliver seasonal graphics that can be despatched to multiple sites or locations. Print companies can also even adapt the marketing message used on the graphics to meet specific requirements based on those locations.

While Christmas may be the “big show” for many brands and retailers, seasonal graphics are so much more than the festive season and offer opportunities to PSPs throughout the year.

From New Year’s Eve celebrations and romantic Valentine’s Day displays to colorful Easter graphics and spooky Halloween promotions, there are plenty of opportunities to capitalize on the demand for seasonal work.

The key to success is being creative and offering your customers imaginative graphics that can be easily installed and removed. There is practically no surface that cannot be customized to showcase promotional messages to customers, so get creative!

Shaun Holdom

Shaun Holdom

Shaun Holdom is the global product manager for Drytac, a provider of print media, laminating films and mounting adhesives for sign and display needs.

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