How do I measure for design placement on a long-sleeve shirt?

There are several areas to decorate on a long sleeve T-shirt. You can do a full front, full back, left chest, sleeve, and bottom hem. The industry standards are as follows:

Full front or back centered

– Adult: 3-3.5″ down from the collar

– Youth: 2-3″ down from the collar

– Toddler: 2″ down from the collar

Pro tip: When looking for the center of the shirt, simply fold the shirt in half and press for one to two seconds. This will give you a center line to use as a reference when aligning your transfer.

Left-chest or pocket logo

– 5.5-8″ down from the shoulder’s left seam

– 4-6″ over from the center

Pro tip: Find your center alignment and measure over from there for the ideal alignment position.


– Using the center seam, center the transfer on the sleeve

– End your transfer about 2″ about the cuff line

Pro tip: This is a great place to add team mascots.

Bottom hem

– Center it just above the bottom seam

Pro tip: Add a name/company name in this area to increase value.

In addition to using the seams and center marks, there are tools that make placement much easier and more consistent for multiple pieces.

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