How do I know when it’s time to refurbish or upgrade my fiber laser system?

Fiber lasers are inherently reliable. Having said that, they will eventually wear out. The laser’s lifetime depends on the quality of the system purchased and the components used. The galvo itself may be the first thing to show signs of wear. Marking consistency and reputability may degrade or the galvo may start to make noise as the bearings may wear out, especially for lower cost models. Fortunately, galvos are not that difficult to replace.

The laser source itself should prove to be reliable for many years with an expected life greater than 75,000 hours. However, if the laser starts to lose power, that may be a sign that a technician needs to run some tests to see if there is a hardware problem. Sometimes the problem is simple, such as a power supply, and other times the laser may actually need to be replaced.

Pay close attention to mark quality and power relative to how the system normally performs.

Tom Tamburrini

Tom Tamburrini

Radian Laser Systems

Tom Tamburrini is the CEO of Radian Laser Systems in Anaheim, California. He has over three decades of experience in product development, engineering, manufacturing, and global technology transfer. His involvement with lasers started out in the barcode scanning/coding industry but evolved into cutting and marking applications when he became the CEO of Radian in 2017.

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