How do I know what kind of laser fume extraction unit I need?

Make sure you consult your laser dealer or a specialized fume extractor manufacturer. Let them know which laser you have, what materials you intend to process, and your projected production volumes. Higher production volumes require an extraction system with high-capacity filters. If you plan on buying a second laser in the future, you can save money by choosing a fume extractor that can be expanded to extract fumes from two lasers at the same time.

   —PAT Technology Systems

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Chau Vo

Chau Thien Vo is an inventor and industrial designer, and is the VP of engineering and product marketing for PAT Technology Systems. Chau brings 20 years of extensive experience in designing air purification and fume extraction systems, having worked in both North America and Europe. He blends design, engineering, product marketing, and creative thinking strategies in leading PAT's technical team to consistently output innovations that clean air.

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