How do I clean sublimation ink from my Teflon sheet?

The beauty of Teflon sheets is that they are meant to protect your heat press. So the good news is your expensive press is still in good shape and you can fix the Teflon sheet! A great feature of sublimation ink is that once it’s re-activated at 375-400 degrees, the ink will lift off. Using either a cotton fabric or even copy paper, place the item onto the Teflon and press for 30 seconds at 375-400 degrees; if there is still ink left, continue and wipe away as quickly as possible once lifting the press each time.

Sarah Young

Sarah Young

Sarah Young has been in the graphic design industry for over 10 years with six years of apparel decoration under belt. For the last 3.5 years, Young has been Event Marketing & Design Coordinator for Coastal Business Supplies. Her previous design experience includes offset print setup and some screen printing. Young continues to work as a freelance designer for multiple avenues including custom prints, invitations, apparel and sublimation products. She can be reached at

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