How can you help your staff beat discouragement at work?

Although you can’t do much about what happens at home, you can take proactive steps to prevent discouragement at work.

First, help your employees know the “why” behind what they do. When they know why they need to do something or what goal they are chasing, they gain clarity. This clarity helps them prioritize what is important and what isn’t.

Ask yourself, “Do my employees know why I want them to do this or that?” If the answer is foggy, get clear on it. Then communicate the answer to your employees.

When employees don’t understand the “why,” prioritizing is hard. They’ll do whatever the most urgent task of the day is while giving the truly important tasks a backseat. This creates a snowball effect; and when they realize they aren’t getting results, they become discouraged.

-Jen Jezierski, Crystal D

Jen Jezierski

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