How can you change one color model to another in CorelDRAW?

One of the most necessary functions of CorelDRAW is the ability to change from one color model to another. In this case, we’ll change a CMYK vector image to a grayscale vector image. I have chosen a design that I created a few years ago for a church entity as my example. 

figure 05 0

Go to Edit>Find and Replace>Replace Objects and a dialog box appears, as in the figure below. I chose the second option, Replace a Color Model or Palette, then pressed Next.

figure 07

A new dialog appeared (see the image below). Here, choose Replace All and the new color model is in place. (Note that this design used a basic shape for the “heart” image, which must be converted to curves for the color transition to include it. Likewise, a symbol, used in the design, must Revert to Objects to be included in the color transformation.) There are other options here, so I encourage some experimentation to discover all the abilities of this valuable feature. 

figure 08

If your design includes a raster (bitmap) image, it must be changed separately. Select the image, then go to Bitmaps>Mode>Grayscale and it will be converted.

figure 06

Keep reading about CorelDRAW’s color features in the April ’19 issue of A&E.

Doug Zender

Doug Zender

Doug Zender has used CorelDRAW extensively since version 4. His goal is to minimize the intimidation of the program and give users the sense that CorelDRAW is a friend, not an adversary. Doug began as a design artist, then moved into the sign industry in 1992 doing vinyl graphics. You can contact him at [email protected]

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