How can shops use bags and accessories as an upsell?

Bags and headwear are great additions to team, corporate, or workwear uniforms. In addition to their practicality, one size fits most allows organizations to outfit a large group with a single size.

Consider tech bags for corporate clients, reusable tote bags for retailers, and retail-inspired bags for resort and retail clients.

Bags that mirror retail trends and offer premium details are good bets. Customers are increasingly looking for better built and stylish bags with a purpose.

Tote bags are a consistent go-to. They offer a variety of end uses and a large imprint area. Plus, they are available in different fabrics and sizes. In terms of decoration, cotton tote bags are a versatile product that will work well with almost all printing disciplines.

Headwear continues to be a staple in the promotional products industry. Decorated headwear offers a large number of impressions because it’s highly visible and it provides high perceived value and high retention rate.

—big accessories

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