How can shops start to build their back to school connections?

Start reaching out to your school accounts now, but not just your primary contact for each. Try connecting with faculty members, coaches, and parent volunteers that have some say or need for spiritwear and other items need for back to school. Make sure you communicate ideas clearly and come with enthusiasm.

The PTO president, athletic director, office manager, receptionist, activities director, and student outreach official, plus leaders of any parent-run clubs/organizations, are all great places to start. Get conversations going so they know who you are and what you offer.

Just remember, they’re looking for any sense of normalcy. When you pitch them ideas that can help their students, and teaches show school pride, bring excitement with you. If you believe in your tactics and capabilities, they will too!

Also, don’t forget that the No. 1 thing on most people’s minds right now is health and safety. Try using that health-focused interest to your advantage.

Consider offering custom branded face masks with school mascots, personalized hand sanitizer, or even UV sterilization water bottles with custom designs.

Potential customers will be more inclined to buy if you show interest in their health and well-being.

As it stands right now, staff, students, and parents are clouded with uncertainty. What’s safe? What’s dangerous? What will September look like? What about January?

You have the ability to flip the narrative. You can minimize the sense of panic and helplessness surrounding the school year. You can create excitement for schools again, even if there’s still uncertainty happening outside.

Don’t shy away from bringing our current strangeness to the forefront of your offerings. The more you pretend it’s not there, the more the anxiety surrounding it builds. Consider a “Distanced But Never Apart” T-shirt” or Welcome Back Kits for students with branded masks and mini sanitizers. These can make students feel more connected and boost morale.


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