How can shops generate more sales this Valentine’s Day?

It’s the season of love, and everyone is excited to purchase personalized gifts for their special someone. This is the perfect opportunity for your sublimation business.

  1. If you haven’t already started to prep for Valentine’s Day, the time is now. Are your supplies and blanks stocked up? Getting a jump start on this holiday will allow you to take more orders.
  2. Social media is a hugely used platform for marketing and promotions for millions of businesses and brands. Why not use it for yours? Social networking can be a profitable tool if utilized wisely. For example, appropriate hashtags in posts, tagging businesses you work with, showcasing your work, and sharing positive reviews from satisfied customers are all active ways to up your social media game. Also, it’s worthwhile to investigate selling on Facebook and Instagram. Post frequently, four or so times per week at least. Post interesting, relevant content, and watch your businesses exposure organically grow.
  3. One of the rules of sublimation business marketing is to always put your contact information on the back of the substrate (if possible). If the product is a gift, the recipient will know how to contact you to place an order. Always ask your clients to refer you to friends and family. Word of mouth advertising goes a long way.
  4. Showcase samples for potential clients. Even if they need a more custom design, this gives them a general idea of what you offer.
  5. While you are coming up with samples, begin to think of packages you can create with various products that complement each other. For instance, you can put together a mug, a coaster, a magnet, and a T-shirt. Offer these packages at a special price to sweeten the deal.

These rules apply to any holiday coming up in 2020. Use them to encourage sales and beat the bustle.

—Condé’ Systems

Lindsey Jackson Conde Systems

Lindsey Jackson

Condé Systems Inc

Lindsey Jackson is a native of Mobile, Alabama and has been the marketing specialist at Condé Systems Inc for the past three years. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism and Master of Science in strategic communication and marketing both from Troy University.

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