How can shops better brand themselves?

According to a Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study, 90 percent of consumers would switch brands to one associated with a good cause, and 84 percent seek out responsible products whenever possible. Here is where new thinking needs to replace the old sell, sell, sell, mentality.

Do you have a cause? Do you let others know about it? Do you contribute any percentage of your profit to your community?

The stats quoted above reveal that if a customer had a choice between giving you their business or giving it to another shop, and one of you publicizes its community commitment, that is the shop that will grow, both in revenue and in word-of-mouth advertising.

What matters more than logo placement or stitch count is the engagement of customers and includes doing more than asked. Providing high-quality embroidery at a reasonable price as quickly as possible may be the norm depending on the competition where you live. Set yourself and your brand apart from others by letting customers know that you are larger than the four walls of your business.


Alice Wolf

Alice Wolf

Manager of publications and education for Madeira USA. Alice has marketing expertise developed through accomplishments in publishing, public relations, and sales within art, home decor, film, and television production. Email her at

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Olivia Dean

Olivia Dean

Olivia Dean is the newest member of Madeira USA's marketing team. Dean is a recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire. With a degree in Communication, she brings strong marketing skills and knowledge of social media to her position. Participating in research and training, she is shortening the learning curve, rapidly learning the embroidery industry which she helps to support.

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