How can shops approach new markets with sublimation?

First off, let’s assume you’ve done your research. You already have some idea of what markets you might approach. Maybe you’ve joined a dye sublimation group on Facebook or attended a trade show and talked to a company that offers sublimation equipment and supplies. You understand the discipline and the products that might have profit potential.

Once you’ve figured out your market(s), the next thing is the approach. If you’re contacting current customers to let them know about new products and decoration method you now offer, it’s as simple as sending out an e-mail detailing the new offering. Even consider delving briefly into pricing and turn around times. Include a call-to-action that gets customers to call you to learn more. For example, this can be a percent off of the customer’s first sublimation order.

If you are approaching a new market, the approach might go better if it happens in person. Say you’re targeting the local high school to get some of their team or club business. Find out who the buyer is for the organization, put together a pitch, and make an appointment. Nothing is more off-putting than someone trying to sell something on their own time. Be cognizant of other people’s time and willingness to hear you out.

Next step: samples. Showcase the best work you do while offering solutions to the specific market. Include a simple sheet of pricing, details and art requirements, as well as turn around times. Leave your samples behind so the potential client can mull it over and run it by any other decision makers in the organization.

After the appointment, send a follow-up e-mail with thanks for their time and encourage any questions to be asked.

The main thing to remember is that you’ve added a new decoration discipline to your shop because you’re excited about the possibilities for new products. Make sure you share your passion and excitement with your potential customers. The more excited you are, the more excited your customer will become. Intrigued customers are more likely to buy.



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