How can printers become more efficient with DTG printing?

Specific areas that you can learn to become more efficient are art, pretreating, printing, and packaging. Increasing efficiency goes straight to your bottom line and will increase your profitability. It makes sense to diversify your methods of embellishment to help offset your costs.

Another area you can become more efficient in is understanding how to use your RIP software to reduce the cost of ink. I’ve personally seen $4 prints go down to $1.50 by optimizing the underbasing features in the RIP software.

This crucial piece of software saves time and ink, gives a softer feel, and a better look. I’d encourage anyone using DTG to dig into understanding the available features in your software.


Jerid Hill ColDesi

Jerid Hill

Jerid Hill has been a thought leader in the DTG industry pursuing new technologies for better quality and output. Jerid does new product development R&D for ColDesi Inc. You can rely on Jerid's unique perspective in the garment industry, focusing on the end user's experience. He has extensive technical knowledge of DTG printing, as well as details and tips for preparing artwork, pretreating garments, expert level tips, and best overall practices for the garment printing realm.

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