How can I tell if a garment is good for DTG printing?

Ideally, the general guideline for T-shirts is to use 100 percent ring-spun cotton fabric because the quality of the fabric using the ring-spun technique leads to a smoother printing base. But not all garments, especially hoodies, come in that construction.

So, look for a high cotton content (80/20 range) to help minimize the chance of dye migration. When printing on other items like aprons and bags, look to see if the item has a post-treatment on it that would seal the fibers and prevent the DTG inks from adhering to it. A good quick test is to place a few drops of water on the garment and see if the water absorbs into the fibers or puddles up. If it absorbs, that tells you that ink could also absorb into the fibers. If it puddles, that shows you the fibers are sealed. In all cases, it is recommended that you perform a wash test prior to going into production to ensure the quality matches your customer’s expectations.

—Brother DTG

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