How can I save time heat printing names and numbers?

When you’re in the heart of your busy season, you want to put all your energy where you can make the most money. Spending time in production cutting and weeding takes you away from doing the things that might help you make the most of the season. If you’re a one-person shop, this is especially true for you.

The best way to spend the least amount of time on a name and number order is to order everything pre-cut and pre-spaced so that you can simply heat apply when the transfers come in. Find a heat transfer vinyl supplier that can do the work of cutting and weeding for you. Most that do will have a tool that you can use to upload the roster you need produced. Then, all you have to do is keep selling while you wait a couple of days for your transfers to show up. This method will cost you a couple of bucks more per uniform in material than others that we will explore but will keep you out of the weeds of production for the most amount of time.

—STAHLS’/Imprintables Warehouse

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Josh Ellsworth

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Zach Ellsworth

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