How can I prepare for the arrival of my new laser system?

Your newly acquired laser will likely be shipped in some sort of shipping container. This could be as simple as a larger cardboard box or for larger lasers, it will be mounted on a skid. When we received a new 75-watt Epilog laser, for example, we needed a forklift to maneuver it, as the sheer size and 600-pound weight provided some challenges. Thus, depending on the size of laser, you need to factor in how to physically get the device into your shop. Your new 24- X 36-inch does you no good if it sits outside the loading dock! Of course, this is common sense, but ensuring that you have enough space to move your laser through doors and walkways is an important step to double check.

Once you have gotten your laser into the general area where it will be installed, you need to ensure that there is adequate space around the laser. Because many of the lasers are air-cooled, it is essential that you leave some space around the perimeter of the laser. At minimum, you want to leave four to six inches just for the ventilation ducting. Keep in mind that over time you will need to service your laser, which means that you need to have access to the back of the laser. You can thank yourself later when you are forced to remove the laser tube or adjust some of the rear optics.

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Richard Korbyl

Columbia Awards

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