How can I increase the value of a sublimated item?

Adding value to your substrates is an interesting concept. For instance, you can increase the value of a 4″ X 6″ piece of ChromaLuxe metal by giving it a simple curve or an S curve and turning it into a self-standing product. This costs almost nothing but could add $5 to $10 to the selling price. 

Another example is stacked metal. By placing a smaller piece of metal on top of another piece with a spacer block between them, you create a higher value product with only a small amount of additional material and decorating cost. The result is a possible increased selling price of $10 to $30. Selling bundles of complementary substrates like mugs with coasters maximizes the dollar amount of your orders and leads to increased profits. 


David Gross

David Gross

David Gross is president of Condé Systems Inc., of Mobile, Ala. For the past 24 years, he has devoted his work to advancing sublimation technology.

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