How can I change a photo to a line drawing in CorelDRAW?

Depending on the type of photo, there are a few ways to convert a photo to a line drawing. One is to use the trace feature to convert the photo to a drawing by first selecting the dropdown Bitmaps>Mode>Black and White 1 Bit, then select the conversion method Ordered and adjust the black and white. Once this is complete, select the Trace Bitmap feature to convert the file to a line drawing; this process takes a lot of computer processing power. 

Another option that works better is to use the free Adobe Capture app for both Android and Apple phones and tablets; this app takes any photo that is taken or downloaded and converts them to a vector format or line drawing in seconds. Once the image is complete, the app then allows the image to be exported as a .SVG or PDF vector format (line drawing) that can then be imported into CorelDRAW.

   —Trotec Laser

David Stevens, Trotec Laser

David Stevens

David Stevens is renowned in the industry for his teaching abilities and helping customers improve their laser processing techniques. For nearly two decades, he held multiple roles at Universal Laser, including applications la manager, where he built, designed, and produced Universal's catalog of laser parameters and standardized settings, spending more than 25,000+ hours testing and learning all known materials and its reaction with laser processing, becoming an industry leader in laser technology. He recently joined Trotec Laser Inc. as the industrial applications manager and heads the West Coast Applications & Inspiration Lab.

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