How can I benefit from a turnkey package?

It’s a new year, and some plans may be in the works to start a new business venture. This means asking yourself: What kind of equipment am I going to need to run a successful screen printing or apparel decoration business?

Purchasing a turnkey package is a convenient and cost-effective way to get all of the necessary equipment to start a screen printing shop. Many suppliers will offer “package pricing” which passes on deeper discounts to the customer for buying multiple pieces at once. A bulk equipment purchase from a single supplier will eliminate multiple shipment charges, resulting in a one-time freight charge for each item purchased. Often, you can choose from preselected packages or create your own, and with the help of your sales rep, you can customize your equipment purchase to best suit the needs of your business.

Purchasing equipment one by one will not only take more time to receive, but it will require a lot more coordination by you and your staff. If you purchase items piece by piece, it is likely you will not receive them all at the same time and will have to arrange with each freight company how and when you will be able to receive them. Timing is a big factor when it comes to starting a new business, and so are the initial costs associated with it. When you begin adding up all the time spent talking to each supplier, figuring out which pieces fit best, and paying for different products, as well as receiving them, it can become quite the daunting task.

Time is money and if you have to wait weeks to get your items, the time lost in getting your shop going could cost a lot of missed opportunity.

—Workhorse Products

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