How can embroiderers start using specialty threads?

Lisa Pfeifer of Stitch It International talks about getting stuck in a rut. It’s easy to get caught up creating the same designs with the same threads. Find out why expanding out into specialty threads is a good idea in this video Q&A.

—Stitch It International

Lisa Pfeifer

Lisa Pfeifer is an independent sales representative for SWF Stitch It International. She also owns and operates The Outer Layer in Ohio for ten years now, providing custom projects like varsity jackets, corporate logo wear, hats, gifts, uniforms of all types, awards, and even shoes and boots. Her practical embroidery and business experience over the years have made her an expert, providing embroidery tips and knowledge on the best SWF embroidery equipment for different business needs. For more information on Stitch It International, visit 

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