How can D2 decorators optimize workflow?

Whether you’re receiving orders through an online designer or tackling email orders one by one, there are some essentials your potential customers need to check off their list before production can actually begin.

Your job is to prepare your customer before they’re even a customer. Set them up for success before they even contact you. To make this happen, you need to provide them with a checklist of sorts, so they know what you need from them.

For instance, if our customer has their artwork prepared in a .png format and at least 300 dpi, then we are nearly instantly ready to print. A .png file has no background and is print ready. A popular file format that we come across quite often is .jpg files. These files are designed for internet image use, have a white background, and are not print ready. At 300 dpi, a .png file has enough resolution to produce incredible images.

Once the customer has the correct artwork, they should then know what kind of garment they want printed on, the color of garments, sizes, and when they want them in hand. They should also know how large they want their image and the placement. We try to take the guesswork out of the process and take the approach of “You tell us what to do, and we will do it.” It also helps when the customer gives a little insight into what the garments are for. If your printer has a clear understanding of your business and its needs, you can work together and be on the same page if artwork or garment choice isn’t panning out.

It’s nearly impossible to offer a quote with no artwork and no design idea. The most efficient customers have their images professionally designed or design them themselves. For shop’s working with an online designer platform, the customer can upload their artwork, pick a shirt, and proceed to checkout.

If customers have all the important pieces at hand and ready to go beforehand, the order can easily be put on the schedule and workflow is optimized. Consider highlighting a list of must-haves, example placements, and garment details on your website to ensure you and your customers are set up for success.

—Denver Custom Printing

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