How can a retailer process large-volume sandcarving orders?

When the large order comes in, you have help, such as a custom mask service to produce your photomask stencils. A custom mask service can produce hundreds to thousands of stencils in a few days. It is cost-effective when you factor in labor and time to produce stencils in large volume. Photomask stencils are shipped to your business and it is as easy as peel-and-stick.

Note for laser engravers: If you receive a large sandcarved order, use the custom mask service to produce your sandcarving stencils quick. This is ideal with larger orders, so your laser isn’t tied up burning stencils.

Another tip to save time is to create a larger stencil, where no tape is required during sandcarving. This eliminates one step. Train the sandcarver to start and stop on design. Focused blasting etches the item faster.

Learn how to produce your own stencils/masks here.

Liz Haas

Liz Haas

Liz Haas has been a teacher, trainer and show coordinator for Rayzist Photomask for the past 15 years. For the past 10 years, she has actively taught workshops on the photoresist and the sandcarving process.

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