Headwear 101: What’s Trending?

Looking to offer headwear to customers? Stay up on what's trending

Are you looking for something fun and exciting to offer your headwear-loving customers? Then, check out these hot items that are trending now.

Ponytail capsponytail hat cap america

Ponytail caps are everywhere right now. If you’re not familiar with a ponytail cap, it is usually a relaxed fit, mesh back cap with an additional opening that allows the person wearing the hat to wear a higher ponytail than what the traditional cap closure allows. These openings vary depending on the cap. Sometimes they have crisscrossed pieces of elastic that stretch to the bottom of the cap. Other times they are a tear-drop-shaped hole starting at the button of the crown. Found mostly in boutiques and online, this hat style is only growing more popular as the summer stretches on.

Rope capsrope hat cap america

A throw-back to the good ol’ days, ropes across the front of trucker caps are all the rage again. Reminiscent of headwear from the 80s and simpler times, these caps are once again trendy and fashionable. The most popular version of this hat features a foam front and mesh back, but many structured six-panel mesh back caps work with a rope as well. Just about any visor shape works with the added rope, but a modified flat-bill seems to edge out flat and pre-curved styles in popularity. A rope across the brim of a hat is a great way to make a statement with your next promotional headwear piece.

Tie-dyetie-dye hat cap america

Tie-dye is the latest must-have print. A few years ago, it was florals; now, this multi-colored trend is taking over. First becoming popular in the 60s and 70s, tie-dye is typically known for its use of bright primary colors and bold patterns. However, recent fashion trends dictate more subtle, monochromatic motifs. There are different ways to achieve a tie-dye look with headwear. The hat can be constructed of actual tie-dyed fabric, or you can imprint a tie-dye design via screen printing or sublimation. These latter techniques allow for a more deliberate design, so you can guarantee the tie-dye pattern doesn’t interfere with your logo or branding efforts. As we dive into summer, you’ll start noticing more and more tie-dye apparel. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to utilize this fashion statement with headwear!

How headwear suppliers can help

The problem with trends is they come and go. Sometimes it’s challenging to find a supplier that offers the latest and greatest in fashion relevancy because by the time a trend has reached its peak influence, it’s already on its way out the door, with another trend close behind to take its place. This is why it’s essential to partner with a headwear supplier with a reputable custom cap program. Look for a program that offers low minimums, quick turn times, and a knowledgeable customer service team that can answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns. Having this resource in your back pocket allows you to offer your customers the most fashionable options for promotional headwear.

Rhyen Campbell

Rhyen Campbell

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