Glass and Crystal Awards: Form vs. Function

The glass and crystal award industry designs and produces two basic kinds of products. The first is the “formal” award or trophy used to recognize winners and achievers and celebrate accomplishments. Typical examples of these include the JD Powers Award and the Country Music (CMA) Award. These spectacular awards make great pieces for a display cabinet or can decorate an office nicely.

The other kind of award product is a “functional” one, or one with a specific use. Examples of these include clocks, vases, bowls, desk accessories, and picture or photo frames. Each has an actual use in addition to celebrating recognition or achievement. These awards also have another significant benefit over a formal award: they are also used as gifts or tokens of appreciation. The gift market should not be overlooked as it encompasses both private giving and the much larger corporate giving segment. Functional gifts are also used extensively in the promotional products and advertising specialties markets.

Barry Slee, CrystalEdge

Barry Slee

Barry has spent almost 30 years in the award and recognition industry. As the founder of the Slee Corporation and its CrystalEdge brand, his innovative award-winning product designs have led the industry. Barry is an expert in glass and crystal design and manufacturing, and he is a regular contributor of articles and educational content to the industry. Barry can be reached by email at

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