Getting Carried Away: Practical, Fashionable, and Fabulous Bags

Bags combine purpose with promotional awareness, benefiting businesses and busy people alike

Bags are a staple in our times, assisting people as they work remotely, load up on groceries sustainably, travel short or long distances, go to the gym or take a nature walk.

That’s why bags are one of the most popular promotional giveaway items. Bags holding event or activity paraphernalia and swag bags serve as walking ads. Best of all, once someone has a bag in hand, they’ll reuse it again and again — creating a bigger brand impact while reducing disposable bag waste.

Today’s variety of bags come in a range of colors, styles, and price points. That means finding the right item to promote your business and appeal to your customer base is, well, in the bag.

Fashion meets function in totable bags

Tote bags are ever-popular because their uses are endless. Need reusable shopping bags? There are totes for that. Need to store items but want easy access to them? There are totes for that. Need a gift bag? Bookbag? Laundry bag? Diaper bag? Handbag? Whatever the need, there are totes for that.

As promotional items, tote bags are like gifts that keep on giving. They give your business or sports team name and logo a boost as recipients continually use handy totes for various activities.

QTeesQTBGCanvas totes are worthy of the bigger-is-better handbag trend noted in fashion magazines. With up to 30″ drops, canvas totes make quite an impression as they hold anything a customer could want during a busy workday or weekend getaway. Monogrammed canvas totes bestow the bags with a customized made-just-for-you look.

While some canvas totes have inside zippered pockets for easy access to essential items like keys, wallets, and phones. Other canvas bags can be zipped at the top for more security. Plus, today’s canvas bags sport colors galore, either as the primary drop fabric or as pops of accented color.

And let’s not forget the multifunctional everyday tote created in cotton and canvas fabrics for durability and ease of maintenance. Customers like having an array of them in a rainbow of colors.

Hands-free for work, play, and everyday activities

Carrying a bag on your back or waist is a practical matter for many people. Instead of juggling coffee, a water bottle, a phone, or a child’s hand while holding a bag, strapping on a hands-free option can make life easier to navigate. Plus, they’re indispensable for people with shoulder or balance problems.

DriDuck1041Backpacks are a go-to bag because they can serve multiple purposes: as offices on the go, security-sized carry-on luggage, hiking kitbags, school bags, mommy-or-daddy carryalls — the list goes on. With laptop sleeves, zippered compartments, and several types of pockets, backpacks can transport numerous items small and large, including zippered pouches.

Commuter bags marry sleek design with smart organization. Perfect for remote working and transporting your laptop to-and-from the office, commuter bags serve as today’s briefcases for busy professionals. Plus, because of its designer look, a commuter bag can take on double-duty as a hands-free “hand” bag.

Cinch bags are smaller, lighter alternatives to backpacks. They’re perfect as gym sacks, lunch bags, book bags, or just as small bags for holding essentials such as keys, a phone, and a wallet on quick errands or long walks.

ChampionCS3000As promotional items, backpacks, commuter bags, and cinch sacks are like mobile billboards. People walking behind the bags can get an eye-level look at a business’s logo and name.

Waist bags first made a splash in the 1980s and ’90s, but today’s models are not your granny’s fanny packs. Now seen on fashion runways, cross-body fanny packs are more structured and are ideal for safely carrying around the trifecta of money, keys, and phone, as well as travel essentials such as a passport.

Worn with cross-body straps, duffle bags can be carried hands-free. The true workhorses of the bag family, duffle bags are great for stuffing in as much gear and clothes as needed for trips to the local gym or the great outdoors.

Whether totable or wearable, bags combine purpose with promotional awareness, benefitting businesses and busy people alike.


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