Employee Appreciation Gifts for Any Corporate Client

Employee appreciation gifts are a fantastic way for you to grow your business

As employees continue to work remotely or start to return to the office slowly, companies and businesses need to ensure their employees know they’re valued. Employee appreciation gifts are a fantastic way for you to grow your business, and offering personalized options helps set you apart from other big-box retailers and online sellers.

When suggesting items to your customers for employee appreciation gifts, there are a few things to keep in mind. With many folks still working from home in some capacity, finding practical items for everyday use at home and the office makes for a thoughtful gift. It shows employees that your customers recognize the unique work situations they’re in, and the gifts are a way to help either make their day-to-day easier or add an element of fun to their work environment.

Another consideration is how to get the gifts to these employees. With some employees working from the office and some from home, your customers will be sending these tokens of appreciation to multiple residential and commercial locations. They’ll want to factor in the cost of packing and shipping when considering what products to have you customize for their employees.

With that in mind, plenty of products are available that fit those criteria and make for fun, unique employee recognition. Whether you personalize with laser engraving, sublimation, heat transfer, UV-LED printing, screen printing, or vinyl, there’s something for every customer and every budget.

Employee appreciation gift ideas

Saddle Portfolio JPP
Portfolios make a practical, thoughtful gift for any employee.

For employees splitting time between home and the office, a personalized portfolio is a great item to help keep their notes organized regardless of where they are. There are portfolios available in a variety of sizes for a range of fabrication types. Portfolios designed specifically for sublimation offer a large area for graphics and work great for full-color logos and company colors. Faux leather portfolios have a look and feel of real leather and can be personalized with laser engraving or UV-LED printing.

Portfolios also have the added benefit of being shipped flat, making them an economical choice for both bulk shipping or one-off packages to an employee’s home.

Unisub coaster JPP
There are several different coaster materials to choose from, like this hardboard coaster with a cork back.

Another great item that is lightweight, customizable, and easy to ship is coasters. Great for both the home office or work desk, coasters allow you to add logos or monograms, making for an ideal employee gift.  Like portfolios, there are coasters made with polyester coating for sublimation and faux leather options that can be laser engraved or UV-LED printed.

In addition to the sublimatable and faux leather coasters, cork and bamboo versions can be personalized with a laser engraver or UV-LED printer.  These options are also great for employee gifts as they tend to be lighter weight and come with their own boxes for easy shipping.

Finally, consider offering bundles of personalized items for companies to send to their employees.  Along with portfolios and coasters, countless other products are functional, customizable, and can be easily shipped.

From pens to business card holders and beverage insulators, there’s no end to the bundles you can put together for your customers.


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