Embroidery Needle 101

Needles! Needles! Needles! There are so many needles to choose from, which needle do you need? Titanium, Chromium, 75/11, 60/8, sharp, universal, ballpoint…what does it all mean? 

It can be very frustrating trying to choose the right needle for a specific job, or you might not even realize why your needles keep breaking or destroying your thread/garment. A lot of people don’t realize how important needles can be when working on a sewing or embroidery project. Depending on the garment and thread that you are working with, needles need to be adjusted accordingly for the best results and efficiency. 

In this episode of Embroidery Hub, Laura Gomez explains the differences between needle sizes, points, and finishes and helps you determine which needle to use for which fabric. 

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