Create a Custom Cutting Board in 4 Easy Steps

Follow these steps to create a laser-engraved, wooden cutting board in minutes

Prepare for the upcoming holiday season with unique, one-of-a-kind products. Follow the steps below to create a laser-engraved, wooden cutting board in minutes. Keep up with order demand by creating templates and keeping files editable. Apply these principles to any custom holiday order.

Needed materials:

  • (1) Wooden cutting board
  • (1) Roll of laser application tape
  • (1) Cutting board laser file

Step 1: Prepping the cutting board

  • Identify which side of the cutting board will be engraved
  • Then, cover that side with laser application tape to guard the cutting board against over-burn and debris

Pro tip: Do not overlap the tape. Align pieces as close together as possible

Step 2: Prep file for laser

  • In LightBurn (or similar design software) select speed and power settings
    • AP Lazer recommends 10 speed and 35 power

laser engraving

Pro tip: Machine speed and power settings may vary. Reference your laser manufacturer speed and power settings database.

Step 3: Laser engrave the cutting board

  • Place cutting board in the laser machine bed
  • Send cutting board file to the laser from design software
  • Focus the laser head to the cutting board using the machine’s focus tool
  • Select “origin” to set origin point and “frame” to outline the file size (selecting frame ensures the file will fit within the desired material)
  • Shut the lid and push “start”

laser engraving

Step 4: Clean up

  • Remove cutting board from laser bed
  • Remove application tape from cutting board
  • Apply any desired seals or oils to the finished board

laser engraving

laser engraving

Pro tip: Save the cutting board file as an editable template for easy repeatability this holiday season.

Now it’s time to create your lasered holiday products. There’s no time like the present!

Ashton Stephens

Ashton Stephens

AP Lazer

Ashton Stephens has been working within the laser industry for over six years. Currently, the marketing manager at AP Lazer, Ashton focuses on educating small businesses about laser technology and how it could enhance performance and output. She is also the co-owner of Lasers Plus LLC with her husband, Josh. Their company offers laser training, laser technical support, and production services.

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