Comparing Digital vs. Traditional Signage Expenses

When it comes to digital signage, our approach is to lead with SoC-based screens, so no media player is needed. So, some expenses to consider include:

  • Cost of the screen
  • Mount
  • Software license
  • Installation (unless the customer is doing self-install)
  • Content design software (unless the customer designs)
  • Shipping
  • Training (not all companies charge)

Now, compare those costs with those of traditional signage, and you’ll get an idea of where ROI may fall:

  • Content design
  • Printing
  • Shipping (to X number of states)
  • Labor to remove expired signage
  • Labor to hang new signage

Kevin Goldsmith

Kevin is the chief technology officer for Ping HD. He's been with the company since 2010 and in his current position since late 2014. He specializes in technical sales, IT, purchasing, marketing, training, project management and support within digital signage.

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