Cerebral Signage: Applying Design Thinking to Signs

Using both sides of your brain leads to interesting designs.

cancer_resources_275Design thought is the blending of intelligence and imagination with creativity. Smart design wrapped around intellectual data and concepts can expand and extend a brand beyond the standard or traditional uses of branding. When expressed visually through signs and graphics, I describe them as cerebral signage.

The word cerebral is an interesting word to ascribe to this process of design thought and encompasses what it means to fully use your brain intelligently, analytically, smartly and creatively. It’s using the right and left brain equally, together. The right side of the brain is said to be associated with creativity and emotion. The left side is related to logic and lineal thinking. One side is smart. The other crafty.

The world is becoming smarter and more visual by the day. So whatever you want to call it-smart, intelligent, cerebral-by bringing it into your designs, signs, and graphics, you can grow your business and build impressions.

Scott Franko

Scott Franko

Scott Franko

Scott Franko owned Franko Design Concepts and Consulting. He formerly owned and operated a multi-division sign, graphics and custom fabrication business.

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