Can competition be a good thing for my awards business?

Think about what it would be like if there was no competition in the consumer marketplace. Prices would be the same and could be high, product selection would be limited, and companies would not be compelled to make better quality products. Service levels would suffer, as there would be no compelling reason for a company to boost them if there was no significant choice among products. A world without competition is a world without progress.

Competition is a good thing and transgresses every part of life. It promotes growth in business, in sports, in school, and in lifestyle. In order to compete, you need to grow. This growth can be tangible or spiritual, personal or collective.

Competition also promotes creativity. It forces outside-the-box thinking and ultimately leads to the wide selection of products and services that exist today. We take for granted many of the products that we rely upon to get through our day. Many of these would not be available to us if competition did not exist.

Eric Priceman Victory

Eric Priceman

Eric Priceman is President of Victory. In his almost three decades in the awards and engraving industry, he has traveled extensively, both domestically and internationally, visiting customers and suppliers. He is happy to share his unique perspectives of the industry, both past and present. Please feel free to contact Eric by email at [email protected] or by phone at 773-637-7777 ext. 228.

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