As a small retail shop, what are some successful methods you’ve developed to stay organized?

One of the best tools we’ve found to stay organized is Trello, an online project management application. You can create your own system to fit the needs of your specific show, but we use Trello as a to-do list by setting up separate boards for each laser that we have. We then create “job cards” that get assigned to the machine the job will be run on. Trello allows you to add notes, files, dates for completion, and a variety of other useful features.

Our employees log on to Trello and can see what jobs need to be prioritized next and on what machines they should be run on. Once the job is done, they move the “job card” to a board labeled Invoices to be Done. This way, our financial department knows the job is done and should be invoiced and payment collected. Once this is done, the card is archived in Trello.

-Mike Westbrook, Mile High Laser Engraving

Mike Westbrook

Mike Westbrook

Mike Westbrook owns Mile High Laser Engraving, a custom decorating shop specializing in laser engraving, dye sublimation, and sand etching and carving. The shop offers awards, recognition, signage, custom engraving, and promotional products to clients across the United States. Based in Denver, Colorado, Mile High Laser Engraving has been in business since 2011.

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