Applications for a CNC Router

Most sign shops already can cut and process sign foam, magnet, and banner material. The addition of a CNC machine allows them to add wood and aluminum.

“You are not limited. The only thing you can’t process is ferrous metals, steel,” says Cody Smith, CAMaster Industries.

Most customers prefer wood for carved signs and hardwood slabs offer a neat clean, look, according to Brent Allard, Industrial CNC. Additionally, plywood and MDF are great for more basic signs.

Channel letters are very trendy, so shops need a way to cut aluminum quickly. They also can use their CNC to cut acrylic, plexiglass, and sign foam. CNC routers are great for creating dimensional signs.

Low-density polyethylene, which is a soft, flexible, lightweight plastic, is another popular substrate for cutting stencil lettering.

“The sky’s the limit,” adds Allard. There isn’t much you can’t cut with these machines.

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