5 Reasons to Offer Powder-Coated Drinkware

Powder-coated drinkware has become a steadfast go-to for WrenSong Creations

Those of us that supply custom gifts and awards, especially on an annual basis, routinely field the question(s): What’s new? What’s different? Something a bit classier, but on a budget?

Being able to offer viable options is an important way to stay engaged with our clients and customers financially and emotionally. Powder-coated drinkware has become a steadfast go-to for WrenSong Creations. The vast array of options has satisfied various needs, from corporate recognition gifts to horse club fundraisers, not to mention personal use with a nod to advertising.

Here are my top five reasons for offering powder-coated stainless steel items:

  1. Useful on a daily basis: Food and beverage safe, insulated for hot or cold, many have lids
  2. Durable: Unbreakable, easy to clean, often dishwasher safe, great for outdoor use or kids, or both
  3. Wide variety: Sizes and shape options to fill most any need (coffee mugs, wine tumblers, cylindrical beverage containers, etc.)
  4. Great color selection: Stunning contrasts created by the custom etched area and the finish color
  5. Readily available: Several brands are on store shelves, and larger quantities can be found online from many suppliers

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Wren George, WrenSong Creations

Wren H. George

In 1985, Wren George began etching glass using a catalog start-up kit to make unique gifts for her friends and family. Shortly after, she started WrenSong Creations, an art glass studio specializing in abrasive etching.

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