5 Boxes Your eCommerce Platform Should Check

Online shopping has become a part of our lives, and eCommerce is no longer just an additional or complementary sales channel. According to the recent survey from Statista, out of 2.5 billion+ active internet users, more than 1 billion (40%) have bought at least once from an online store or an eCommerce platform. Thus, for those enterprises that wish to establish a growth-oriented business, they need to have a strong and established virtual presence.

Especially in times of pandemic where social distancing and work from home have become a norm, an adaptation of digital platforms has become inevitable for the survival and growth of any business. Now that you understand the impact of having an eCommerce platform, it is essential that when you choose one for your online print shop, you make an informed decision regarding both the eCommerce platform and the web-to-print solution.

Ease of use

While there are many benefits of using Shopify, the reason it has become famous around the world is the ease of use of this platform. Whether you have a technical background or not, you want to be able to operate your store easily, no matter which eCommerce platform you choose. Do you handle the servers, developments, shipping, and payments from your end, or does the eCommerce platform do that for you? These are all things to consider when you want to focus on promoting your business and increasing sales.

Marketing finesse

Whether you want to carry out personalized discounts or offer gift cards or you wish to promote your products on search engines, figure out if your desired platform has the necessary modules and tools you would require to create effective marketing campaigns.

Uncompromised support

As with anything new like equipment or software, ensure the platform you choose offers the support you need as a business owner. Does the company offer a customer service line? Live chat? How responsive are they? While you may have some technical issues of your own, your end-users (AKA your customers) might as well, and you don’t want to fall short on being able to help.

Cost-effective solution

Whether you are a start-up enterprise or an established printing business, committing to and setting up an eCommerce store is an affordable investment for your business.

Responsive designs

No matter what theme you choose for your online shop or the functionalities you decide to integrate into your platform, you want your web store to fit perfectly into every screen size of smartphones, desktops, tablets, and laptops.

Now that you know what your eCommerce platform needs, take these notes and find your ideal platform that can best establish your online print shop.

Abhishek Agarwal, Design’N’Buy

Abhishek Agarwal


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