4 Steps to Add Metallic Accents to Personalized Products

Add a little glitz to products using a white toner printer and some hot stamping foil

Metallic accents add value to otherwise plain designs. Whether it be a gift bag, drinkware, or a T-shirt, a touch of metallic brings just the right amount of bling.

In this example, I use hot stamping foil media paper from digital transfer provider Forever. The company offers a multitude of different colored reflective finishes to spice up any product.

This hot stamping foil media paper can easily add extra value to any garment or hard surface for little added cost. Apply the foil in four easy steps using a white toner printer:

  1. Create part or all of the design that you want in a metallic finish in CMYK black.
  2. Print the design with Laser Dark or Multi-Trans media paper from your white toner printer.
  3. When the design is ready to go, place it on the garment or hard surface and use a heat press to transfer the design.
  4. Last, cut out a square or rectangle of hot stamping foil in the color of your choice. Then heat press the paper over your finished design on the item. Peel the paper away slowly, and that’s it!

Depending on the equipment and products you’re using, as always, refer to time and temperature charts from the media manufacturer.

Kyle Steinmann

Kyle Steinmann

Stitch It International

Kyle Steinmann is the support specialist for OKI printers at Stitch It International. He's reachable via email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-888-571-2171.

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