4 Considerations for High-Volume Orders

Be prepared to take on a high-volume order with these insights

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Be prepared to take on a high-volume order with these insights.

  1. Price – While it may be tempting to give significant discounts, do not go so low on your price that the high-volume order ends up being a loss.
  2. Time Management/Cost – Taking on a high-volume order may take up more time than expected. With a high-volume order, your sell price most likely came down. Ask yourself how you would price and order 100 shirts for five different accounts versus 500 shirts for a single account. Perhaps taking the five smaller orders is a better deal.
  3. Equipment – Do you have the right equipment to do the high-volume job? Do you have enough consumables? Do you have the trained personnel that can complete the orders without many mistakes?
  4. Outsourcing – Sometimes it’s best to say yes to the order, and then outsource the job.

Darci Jeffrey-Andersen

Coastal Business Supplies

Darci Jeffrey-Andersen joined Coastal Business Supplies as sales account manager for the professional solutions division in 2015. A veteran in the screen print industry, she owned Crossroad Graphics Screen Printing Services for more than eight years before joining My Brand Promo. As sales account manager for Coastal Business Supplies, Jeffrey-Andersen manages wide-format digital printing accounts and creates printing and personalization solutions for manufacturers and customers. 

Rich Foltz

Rich Foltz

Rich Foltz is the wide-format digital sales director at Coastal Business Supplies. He has been involved in the printing and graphic arts industry since 1989.

Matt Dixon

Matt Dixon is the executive editor of GRAPHICS PRO and WRAPS magazines. Before that he was served as editor of Sign & Digital Graphics and Sign Business Magazine. He can be reached at 720-566-7286.

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