3 Tips to Get Started in Small-Format Signage

When creating a sign for yourself or your customer, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Have a clear message. Make sure you let your customer know what you do. Adding descriptive words under a logo or name can help with this. For example, if a company’s name is John’s Laser Engraving, you might want to include words underneath like “Personal & Promotional Gifts.” This gives the customer more information and a better idea of what the company does.
  2. Choose a legible font style. When it comes to fonts, there are a lot of options. You might find a unique font that you love, but legibility is key. If the sign cannot be read at a glance, it becomes essentially ineffective. The number of fonts in a sign should be limited as well. Too many variations of fonts in a sign can create clutter and confusion. Try staying within the two-font range.
  3. Color combinations go a long way when trying to make a sign stand out. Try using colors that contrast each other. There is actually a color science when it comes to color combinations and why certain colors look good next to another. To make it simple, I like to reference sports teams and the color combinations they choose for their franchise brand. You can use this as a kind of mental color pallet of combinations.
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Colin VanLint

JDS Industries

Colin VanLint is a Sign Specialist that started with JDS Industries in 2015. Colin graduated with a Bachelor of Art with an emphasis on Multimedia Design from Northern State University in 2014 where he learned graphic design skills. While attending college, he worked as a computer and printer technician, acquiring years of troubleshooting and repair skills. Colin can be reached at [email protected]

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