Winners of the Condé-Sponsored Contest Claim Their Prize

Hear from the three winners of this Valentine's Day and love-themed sublimation contest, and spark some ideas of how your business can use contests as a tool for engaging customers.

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first place winner
first place winner

Three winners for the Condé-sponsored Valentine’s Day or love-themed contest in the ‘Sublimation for Beginners and Beyond‘ Facebook page were announced on January 30.

The top two winners were selected on the basis of “likes.” The third winner was selected through a randomized generator. Then, all three were put into the generator to determine which prize they would receive.

The winner of the first prize went to Jennifer Orchard. She opted into the $250 credit from Condé. She says, “I just started my business, Orchard Avenue Press, in 2017 … I was excited to hear that I had won, especially since my business is so new. It has been a confidence booster knowing that other people liked my design work.”

Orchard adds, “I’m looking forward to (using my prize to work) with the new Sublime socks that Condé just released. I also love their ColorLyte acrylic, especially for photography … Showcasing brilliant photography on acrylic is truly stunning.”

The second prize winner, Pat Woessner, was given a $100 credit to Condé. She says, “I entered this contest to have fun and to challenge myself. After struggling with sublimation, I finally got it now.”

Woessner explains that this was her first time entering a sublimation contest. Having gone through the rounds and come out on top, she says it’s “another push to be more creative and challenge myself even more.”

The third, and final, prize went to Fran Harris, who received a $50 credit to Condé. Harris explains that her entry will be used as a gift to a local high school basketball coach and his new bride. “We placed it on a very nice wooden easel and it’s beautiful.”

Cheryl Kuchek, owner of Just My Imagination DeZigns and chief administrator of the Facebook group, says, “Contests are a great tool to engage people that might otherwise be silent and/or just lurking, especially in our beginners group.

“By offering prizes, there will be more people willing to come out of their comfort zone, which is one of the most important reasons for the contest.”

She adds, “I always get excited to see brand new people jump in, and in this case, we had several.”

For those who didn’t participate, Kuchek says, “I hope seeing other new people enter the contest will give them the courage to do the same next time.”

As for now, there are no immediate plans for another contest; however, Kuchek explains, “We love having contests and will have another one in the very near future.”

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