Videotel Partners with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland

Media players installed at two museum exhibits.

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San Diego-based Videotel, a maker of digital signage media players and interactive digital media solutions, recently had its new VP70 LTE+ Digital Media Players used by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland, for two of its exhibits.

The museum used the VP70 LTE+ media players to display digital works in rotating exhibitions that run in the galleries for about four months at a time, six days a week.

Used at the “Richard Myers: Aberrations” and “Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia” art installations, the digital media players received praise from the museum’s staff.

“We used the VP70 for two very different critical exhibitions, both are tech-heavy shows,” says Ray Juaire, the museum’s senior exhibitions manager. “It ran flawlessly. It was easy to format and load files, accepted a wide variety of file formats, and had one of the more critical features for our application: an integrated remote control! Sounds silly but in our line of work, the ability to control a media player for a ceiling installation, or pause an image while documenting an exhibition, is very important. Not all media players offer this.”

Juaire also praised the robustness of the units and their small form factor, saying, “In our line of work, it’s all about the aesthetics and when you have a bunch of cabling behind a video monitor, this makes doing a more flush mount possible. And the low voltage cable is the equivalent to plugging in a phone charger.”

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