TSN Advertising Announces Extension of Coors Light Campaign

Campaign turns delivery trucks into 3D rolling art.

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Santa Monica, California-based TSN Advertising, an advertising agency specializing in billboard-style truck wraps, announces a four-month extension of its 3D truck campaign for Coors Light. The agency is running the campaign in the greater Los Angeles and San Diego areas.

The campaign began eight months ago after what TSN says was a meticulous, two-month outfitting process to give the trucks their 3D appearance.

Coors Light, a long-time client of TSN, has been leveraging their fleet of trucks and the 3D truck extension to advertise in Los Angeles. Now, multiple 3D truck extensions will be added to the fleet, extending and expanding the campaign.

TSN Advertising specializes in coupling its clients with local, large delivery trucks for high-visibility ad solutions. Using its signature, trademarked InfinityWrap technology, TSN partnered with a fleet of compatible trucks, and they partnered with a production facility to assist with the 3D creation.

According to the company, the 3D truck extensions create attention-grabbing, rolling pieces of art in which half of each truck depicts the Rocky Mountains, and the other half shows a beer can. According to the drivers, people frequently ask about the InfinityWrap and take pictures of the trucks.


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