Trotec Laser, IKONICS Imaging, and JDS Industries Donate Proceeds from Joint Seminar

Therapeutic Riding is a non-profit that provides children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to ride horses. 

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Trotec Laser recently co-hosted the third joint seminar with IKONICS Imaging and JDS Industries to provide hands-on training for three business-building technologies: laser engraving, sandcarving, and sublimation. Held at the Trotec headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan, the workshop drew 40 attendees from 28 different companies, each of them submitting a $50 registration fee. Proceeds from these earnings were donated to Therapeutic Riding, a non-profit organization that provides children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to ride horses. 

$1,000 was donated to the organization.

“We are very happy to be able to contribute to a great organization like Therapeutic Riding,” says Meredith Newman, director of marketing at Trotec Laser. “Therapeutic Riding is fully committed to helping the individuals in its community thrive and grow, which is something we really believe in. That is the main reason why we provide educational workshops like these – to help our community of laser users and business owners thrive and grow.”

Also commenting on this donation is Peter Norman, sales director of IKONICS Imaging. “It means a lot to IKONICS to be able to contribute to an organization that helps those in need. The ability to provide support to riders so they can enjoy horses, plus work on improving self-esteem and confidence, gives us deep joy to be a part of in any way,” he says.

In February of this year, the company donated to Camp Kudzu, a Georgia-based children’s camp that offers programs to support the medical needs of children with Type 1 diabetes. As they continue to partner for educational workshops, the companies say they plan to continue giving back to the community where the seminar is held.

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