Trotec Laser Enters U.S. Laminates Market

The company has long sold consumables abroad, but its new line-with more than 400 products-is now hitting the U.S. market.

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Plymouth, Michigan-based laser engraving and cutting equipment maker Trotec Laser Inc. announces the rollout of a line of laser and rotary laminates designed for engravers and sign makers in the U.S.

The company has a long history of supplying laser and rotary consumables in other countries, including Canada, France, Germany, the UK, South Africa and Australia, but it was the 2015 acquisition of North Carolina-based Innovative Laminations Co. that led to the rollout of this new line in the U.S. market. It includes what the company says is more than 400 high-quality, low-cost plastic laminate products.

According to Trotec, ILC’s core competency is in the lamination of plastic sheets and films, which made it an ideal fit for Trotec’s strategic business portfolio.

“The strategic decision to enter the laminates market was obvious for us as a company,” says Warren Knipple, Trotec Laser’s president. “Due to the inherent relationship between laminates and laser systems, we felt ideally equipped to provide our customers and the industry with a high-quality, competitively priced laminate solution. We can offer the most accurate application support in the industry, provide customers support in processing materials, and help customers best leverage their equipment. The new business also allows us the opportunity to focus our laminate R&D on better performance with laser. But the most important benefit is that it creates convenience for customers, because we can offer them a one-stop resource for equipment, materials, and application support.”

Trotec laminates are 2- or 3-ply plastics. A core layer of modified acrylic is coated with a thin top layer and the engraving process reveals the color of the core material. They are available in a variety of colors, offer a wide range of surface finishes and are particularly popular for laser engraving as they are well-suited for both interior and exterior applications. They are often used for signage such as data plates, signboards, ADA signage, nameplates or industrial markings, according to the company.

Trotec also made news in early February when it announced that it was buying Florida-based Engraving Systems Support (ESS), a distributor of a large array of laser and laser-related products, including engravers and router systems and related materials.

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