Toshiba Celebrates Earth Day By Reforesting & Recycling

Toshiba recycled over 64 tons of used toner cartridges and replanted 18,952 trees in 2021


Toshiba America Business Solutions celebrates Earth Day 2022 through its year-round sustainability initiatives focused on reducing carbon footprints for the company and its customers. Toshiba’s ongoing eco-efforts include recycling 64.46 tons of used toner cartridges and replanting nearly 19,000 trees worldwide in 2021. Toshiba’s Managed Print as a Service program helps organizations attain individual environmental goals by improving print visibility and efficiencies.

Conserving open spaces  

Beginning in 2008, Toshiba’s EcoSmart Toner Recycling Program has prevented more than 1,674 tons of e-waste from filling open land.

Toshiba’s toner recycling program, in partnership with Close the Loop, collects imaging consumables for material recovery at its Zero Waste to Landfill facility. The materials received are sent through a recycling process and returned to the commodities market for reuse.

Impactful reforesting 

Toshiba collaborates with PrintReleaf to replant trees in the United States, Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ireland, Canada, Brazil, and India. Since 2016, this partnership has led to the planting of 121,965 trees across global reforestation projects in these countries.

Toshiba clients who participate in the program may select the specific areas they want to help reforest upon recommendations from the World Resources Institute’s Global Forest Watch initiative. A new tree is planted once a Toshiba client prints 8,333 sheets. Inspection, verification, testing, and certification organization, SGS International certifies the global reforestation partners while authenticating the 100% net survival of the trees.

“Operating in a sustainable manner while helping our clients do the same is paramount for us,” states Toshiba America Business Solutions President and Chief Executive Officer Larry White. “Together, we’re making a significant impact to restore our natural resources globally.”

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