Third-Generation Printer Sees the Value in Wraps

Tyson Taylor learned to wrap working at a 3M shop and brought the skill back to his family business in small-town Kansas.

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Tyson Taylor is the third-generation owner of Taylor Printing in Pratt, Kansas, a town of about 7,000 located in the southern part of the Sunflower State west of Wichita. Taylor Printing was started when Tyson’s grandfather bought the business in 1962. When Tyson took it over, he came in with experience he had gained working in a 3M shop in Wichita and he added wraps to the products and services the shop offers.

People may think of places like South Beach, Hollywood, the Big Apple and Vegas when they think of vehicle wraps, but Tyson’s story shows how the art form has spread. Recently, Taylor Printing was the subject of a front page article by Jennifer Stultz in the local Pratt Tribune. Click HERE to read Tyson’s story. 


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