Summa Inc. Announces Rebranding Plans

Summa Inc. is changing its name to Airmark, and along with Summa products it will add others to its portfolio.

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Seattle-based Summa Inc., providers of Summa branded vinyl cutters, flatbed cutters and related media and materials, announces plans to change its name to Airmark Inc., beginning August 1.

The company says it is rebranding in order to direct more focus on the products needed to grow its sign and aviation business.

AirMark-as Summa Inc. was originally called before its merger with Summa in 2000-was a company that had primarily served the aviation market, which requires equipment specifically designed to serve that industry. This new rebranding is actually a return to the company’s roots.

Summa NV, the Belgium-based developer and manufacturer of Summa products, plans to set up a new organization in the U.S. which will be called Summa America Inc. It will further develop and grow the Belgian company’s business in the Americas.

Under the new dealer agreement between Summa Inc. and Summa NV, Airmark will continue to sell, promote, service and support all Summa product lines. The customers Summa Inc. sells to directly won’t notice any change at all except for the name change to Airmark, according to the company. The arrangement will allow Airmark to add more companies’ products to its portfolio.

Summa America will take over the existing dealer network in the Americas from Summa Inc.

“We are happy with this new arrangement with Summa America, enabling us to focus on direct sales and service of our loyal customer base, and helping to grow our aviation (and sign) business,” says John Lash, president of Airmark. “We feel this development is positive for the further development of Airmark Inc.”

Wim Maes, president of Summa America, says this new arrangement is good for what will ultimately become the two different companies.

“Summa America will expand its dealer network and will take over the existing dealers from Summa Inc., who sold Summa products in the Americas for some 27 years,” says Maes.

“Summa America’s goal is to concentrate on developing a strong partnership with experienced dealers,” he says. “Our Summa America organization will build a strong service and support network for their customers so they can enjoy successful growth with their businesses, Summa products and upcoming technologies.”

Aside from Seattle, Summa Inc.-soon to be Airmark-also has a facility in Boston.

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