SpeedPro Imaging Launches New Website

The company says the redesign will make it much easier for its franchisees to customize their own sites.

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Denver-based SpeedPro Imaging, a large-format graphics franchise company, announces the recent launch of its new website.

The company says the highlights of the new website include switching to a sub-folder strategy, allowing more customizability for franchisees’ webpages.

SpeedPro’s new website now allows franchisees to customize their page to showcase their work. This also makes it easier for website visitors to maneuver through a studio’s portfolio of projects. Additionally, a “Meet Our Team” section has been added to allow franchisees to share a biography and headshot of themselves and studio staff members.

The site also includes new visual options, including full-motion video. There is video footage on the home page’s backdrop that shows a SpeedPro studio in action. The website also includes 20 specific product webpages, 31 different industry webpages and 13 event webpages.

“We’ve gone from 130 different studio websites to one big sub-folder, allowing easier navigation throughout the site,” says SpeedPro Imaging marketing coordinator Jamie Eardley. “This eliminates duplicated content across individual studio websites, improving search engine visibility, which should increase traffic to our franchisees’ webpages.”

SpeedPro currently has a nationwide network of more than 125 studios in 31 states, nearly a third of which have opened in the last three years.

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