Spain’s Real Madrid Soccer Club Taps Daktronics for Display

The Daktronics displays fit the strict weight requirements of the historic stadium.

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Brookings, South Dakota-based LED display manufacturer Daktronics announces a partnership with Real Madrid Club de Futbol based in Madrid, Spain, one of the most storied and successful soccer clubs in the world, on new displays for the team’s Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

The two main displays, which were installed this summer, measure 31 meters (about 101 feet) wide by five meters (about 16 feet) high with an inward curvature to match the stadium’s architecture. They are mounted on the front structure of the stadium roof at both goal ends. The historic structure, in the heart of downtown Madrid, required strict weight restrictions and the Daktronics displays’ light-weight engineering fit within the necessary limits for the project.

Both displays feature 13HD pixel layouts, which Daktronics says is the premier option for stadium technology, that provides the brightness necessary to cut through direct sunlight and ambient lighting conditions to deliver crisp, clear imagery.

“It has been very exciting for Auditel to win the competition for the renewal of the LED video display scoreboards and video control systems at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium,” says David Ceballos, director for Auditel International, which partnered with Daktronics to provide the actual installation.  “The new displays are three times larger than the previously existing ones, and we also modernized the complete control and production systems with the latest technology. We worked very successfully with Daktronics, as in previous occasions, in a very demanding project with an extremely short time to be completed.”

These displays will bring fans live video, instant replays, game information and statistics, graphics, and sponsor messaging throughout every match. Using the technology’s variable content zoning, content can be shown across the entirety of each display. Each display can also be divided into multiple zones to show any variety of content to meet the stadium’s needs.

In addition to the main displays, two ribbon displays were installed along the seating fascia to provide scoring information and the opportunity to highlight sponsors throughout events. Each of these displays measures 15 meters (about 49 feet) wide by 1.1 meters (a little over three feet) high and feature 10-millimeter line spacing.

All displays will be in use not only during soccer matches but also on a daily basis as an attraction to the stadium and club museum visits.

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