Six Tips to Help You Get Started Wrapping

In this latest Avery Dennison blog post, expert technician has a few words of wisdom for you newbies.

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Perhaps you’re new to the world of wraps or just exploring what the industry is all about-maybe you’re considering adding wraps as a service your shop offers, which is why you’ve signed up for this eNewsletter.

Molly Waters, senior technical specialist for Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions, often posts helpful tips on her company’s blog and in this latest installment, she’s focused in on you newbies- you “just started” and “might-want-to-be, thinking about it” wrappers.

Just like every restaurant owner has a certain set of rules that they need to follow, it’s no different in the wrap world. Everything from making sure your location is up to snuff, to properly prepping a vehicle for a wrap, to learning where you can turn to improve your technique are all things every wrapper and wrap shop needs to know. READ MORE


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