SignStix and Philips Professional Display Solutions Team up on ‘All-in-One’ Solution

With SignStix embedded, purchasers of Philips D-Line displays will find they won't need any additional hardware.

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UK-based SignStix, a cloud-based digital engagement platform enabling organizations to create, edit, manage and deploy digital content, announces a partnership with Philips Professional Display Solutions, which makes digital monitors and signage screens, software and other peripheral products.

Under the partnership, the two companies have launched a new, totally embedded signage solution based around the Philips D-Line display-completely removing the need for external hardware. The new integrated solution made its global debut at a recent European  trade show.

SignStix’s digital engagement platform can now be fully integrated into the D-Line Android displays, eliminating the need for additional player hardware.

Customers can control their global digital network from SignStix’s easy-to-use online tool for content creation and campaign delivery, without having to worry about software installation, servers and hardware setup.

SignStix and Philips PDS are also taking their ‘all-in-one’ proposition one step further by becoming one of the first solution providers to offer advanced panel-control capabilities and commands, such as port locking (USB/SD) and peripheral whitelisting. This enables administrators to restrict access to external peripherals plugged into the panel, which the companies say will substantially enhance security.

“Philips Professional Display Solutions have given us an unprecedented level of access to the low-level firmware on their new panels, due entirely to our credibility in developing solutions from the ground up,” says Nick Fearnley, SignStix managing director and CEO.

Philips PDS and SignStix say they are also working collaboratively with new and existing partners to deliver a full-service digital engagement solution covering consultancy, content creation, support and associated services on an international scale, covering a diverse range of sectors.

Philips Professional Display Solutions is operated by TP Vision and MMD, subsidiaries of TPV, which is Netherlands-based and established in 2009 through a brand license agreement with Philips.

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